About DLV

Digital Legal Videography / DLV was founded in 2000 by HOMAYUN KABIR SAIFI, a Certified Legal Video Specialist- CLVS and a Commissioned Public Notary to provide video production services exclusively to the legal profession. Since that time, DLV has focused on setting higher standards in legal video production and has been recognized as a leading industry source. We achieved our stellar reputation by providing unparalleled service and implementing state-of-the-art broadcast-quality video and audio equipment. In fact, we utilize a custom-designed mobile video production unit, fully equipped with all the necessary tools to do the job right, without delay or failure. Most important, nearly all of our videographers are trained Certified Legal Videographer Specialists (CLVS), demonstrating the proper etiquette and respect for the legal process. We recognize that the quality of our work and the professionalism of our staff reflect on your reputation and impacts your case. We are committed to excellence and are satisfied with nothing less! “ALWAYS ACCURATE, ALWAYS ON TIME, YOU BE THE JUDGE, “ DLV “ DELEVERS IT!