Litigation Services

Litigation Services

LLI offers reliable and professional full language support and litigation and services throughout the United State since 2000. We offer high-quality videography production at competitive prices. The benefits of using LLI for your legal videography needs include:

  • Consistent, high-quality digital video delivered in the format of your choice
  • Professional videographers who are always on time, courteous, and discreet
  • Reduced costs by dealing directly with the production staff
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High-Quality Digital Video

LLI utilizes the latest in audio and digital video equipment to ensure high-quality, true-to-life legal video recordings. Our production staff will deliver the completed video within five days, in your choice of media format, including DVD, CD or videotape. If a faster turnaround is needed, express service is also available.


Videoconferencing is a valuable and cost-saving tool when it is not possible or efficient to have everyone in one room. LLI provides comfortable videoconference rooms with broadcast-quality video cameras and transmission to remote sites with clear and precise streaming. Rooms also include high definition video screens as well as high quality phone systems. You may connect as many remote locations as needed, and even record the conference for later use.

Professional Videographers – Video Deposition

LLI production staff and videographers always present and conduct themselves in a professional manner. They will arrive at the deposition site at least one hour prior to the scheduled deposition. These audio/video specialists are specifically trained in legal deposition protocol. They will also act as deposition “timekeepers” should your deposition have pre-arranged time limits.

We offer courtroom quality video, recorded anywhere. Recorded video depositions let you observe the demeanor of deponents during testimony, capturing their reactions, pauses, and expressions that can be the defining difference in negotiations and court presentations. Depositions are recorded using broadcast quality, high definition video cameras and high-gain microphones to assure that every nuance is accurately captured. We will send you the finished and edited video in a MPEG, DVD, and/or CD-ROM formats.

Video & Transcript Synchronization

Get a single screen for displaying both transcript and video. LLI loads the text of the completed transcript into the video system, and then matches blocks of the transcript to the related sections of the video. As the video plays, the transcript text scrolls on screen with the speaker. When complete, the transcript can be used as a guide to find any part of the recorded testimony. Create “snippets” or search efficiently for presentations or additional research.

Video Streaming

Include multiple attendees by secure streaming video over the web. Video Streaming allows remote participants to view the live proceeding on their computer or tablet using an internet connection. The video streaming application also provides an integrated and secure chat window for participants to have private dialogs with their colleagues. Remote participants are given a confidential web address and password which they use to access the streaming deposition live.

Trial Presentation Services

Using state-of-the-art production equipment, we provide dynamic video and computerized presentations that enhance testimony and paper exhibits to reach their fullest potential. Our legal video services maximize the impact of legal cases by providing the facts in a familiar format that can be understood and retained by the jury. After the discovery process is completed, we incorporate your testimony, documents, photographs, demonstrations, multimedia, and expert findings into a polished litigation database using the TrialDirector SuiteŽ from InData or Sanction IIŽ from Verdict Systems.

As litigation cases have become more complex, legal firms and attorneys have found the need to plead their client’s case in an effective, convincing, and compelling manner. Our trial presentation services provide visual and auditory enhancement through the use of projection screens, monitors, audio speakers, and laptop computers. We pride ourselves on having the technical and courtroom experience to present your case. Ask your potential trial presenters how many trials, mediations, mock trials, and arbitrations they have been in. This is the true indicator of technical competence.

Accident / Event Reconstruction

LLI offers turn-key production of video exhibits. Prepare powerful exhibits such as event reconstructions, day-in-the-life video recordings, site inspections, and other vehicles to support your case. Our professional video staff is experienced in the preparation of videos suitable for litigation, and maintains the most comprehensive production and editing facilities in the industry. We can edit what you already have or start from scratch beginning with our own staff and vision.

Court Reporters

We offer the best court reporters matched to your needs. Our scale lets us be selective in the court reporters we engage. We provide reporters that are matched to your needs, with experience in the type of case you are litigating, and the professionalism to help manage the activity in the deposition conference room. LLI combines national best practices and technologies with local management of transcript production, to give you the best of both worlds: the highest standards plus a regional team for responsive service.

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