Whether you are a government official or military commander in constant communication with foreign speakers, or you want to learn the ropes of a new language before a major overseas business conference, Legal Languages International also known as LLI can teach you how to read, write, and speak proficiently in any of our 200 foreign languages. The comprehensive language services at ( Insert the company’s name) are specifically designed for government employees, military personnel, and businesses, and can be conducted on-site, on the phone, or online. With our certified, bilingual, native-speaking instructors, you’ll get the highest-quality language training available in:
• Grammar
• Pronunciation
• Cultural instruction
• Reading skills
• Verbal and written expression
• Industry-specific vocabulary
From beginners to advanced-level foreign speakers who need to brush up on their speaking skills, Legal Languages International instructors use the latest technology, learning tools, and customized training programs to

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Language Training for Groups
In order to serve groups, governments, military personnel, and businesses, Legal Languages International also known as LLI instructors are available to provide language training services at your site. Instructors are trained to work with groups who have mixed proficiencies – beginning, intermediate, and advanced level speakers – of all ages. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience: weekly, monthly, or intense workshops that last from one day to one year. LLI language instructors conduct all classes in an engaging and stress-free manner while providing the effective learning tools, technology, and culturally-relevant instruction to suit your group’s specific needs.

More importantely, our language testing team can develop and administer valid and reliable language assessments in more than 100+ exotic languages. Successful businesses seeking to create a multilingual workforce often look for reliable and affordable language testing platform for employees. LLI strive to provide language proficiency tests that objectively measure and report language performance for all types of bilingual positions, including customer service representatives, nurse practitioners, law enforcement officers, sales representatives, flight attendants, personal bankers, physicians, government linguists, and legal document reviewers.
LLI offers language tests to test various language skills like speaking, writing, reading comprehension and more to determine testing solution that best meets your needs.
Specialized Language Testing Services
LLI offers a robust catalog of specialized language testing services that have been established for businesses and government agencies, including:
• Medical Language Tests
• Translation Assessment
• Interpreter Assessment
• Language Review Services
• Speaking and Listening Test
• Writing Skills Test
• Reading Comprehension Test
• Tests in 100+ other languages