Interpretation Services


LLI interpretation department is comprised of a team of expert interpreters responsible to interpret at meetings, conferences, and corporate events. We have a team of professional interpreters that are native speakers and have the requisite industry and subject matter expertise you need.

To allow instant, bidirectional understanding, we offer simultaneous and consecutive services for a variety of business functions, which includes on-site interpretation as well as telephonic services.

Simultaneous (Conference) Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is generally used for large conferences or meetings, where interpreters listen to spoken words while interpreting those words into a different language in real-time. The service is often referred to as U.N. style interpretation and requires expert interpreters and specialized equipment.
At LLI, we have court-certified interpreters that interpret in over 100 languages, including Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Dari, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, and more. Whether you need an interpreter for a deposition or any other part of the case, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Consecutive/Escort Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, interpreters do not interpret in real-time. Instead, they interpret once the speaker completes a sentence, meanwhile, the speaker waits for the interpreter to finish before continuing. Consecutive interpretation is required for foreign government officials and business professionals who face a language barrier.
At LLI, our team maintains strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic skills to help facilitate interactions between different languages.

Telephonic Interpretation Services

LLI provides telephonic interpretation services in over 180 languages. Our interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you accurate and culturally sensitive interpretations. Our facility is fully secure and carries equipment to ensure the highest standards of telephonic interpretation services to our clients.
Whether you operate in a legal, financial, marketing, pharmaceutical, medical, politico-military, or in the educational industry, we are available to assist you with your interpretation needs in any business niche.